Female Incontinence Specialists Los AngelesAt the Institute for Incontinence and Vaginal Reconstruction, our physicians and urologists take pride in helping and treating all of their patients. The following are all real reviews and testimonials from our many happy and healthy patients. We hope that their enthusiasm encourages you to make an appointment with us as well!

Reviews for our Urology Center

This place is a godsend! Dr. Michel was recommended to me by a friend, after I double checked his yelp/healthcare ratings I decided that he was indeed the doctor for me. I’ve had to  deal with a uti for almost 3 months. I’ve been in and out of free walk-in clinics, seen a gyno and let me tell you, not all doctors are created equal. I don’t have health insurance so I’ve been putting off going, trying to manage on my own etc., but when I landed myself in the ER due to bleeding/extreme pain/loss of bladder control,  I realized that if I had just addressed the situation in the beginning with a real doctor I wouldn’t be in this mess.

The staff was absolutely amazing as well, and I didn’t even have an appointment. The receptionist I called was very nice and understanding when I told her I was in the ER all the night before and she agreed that I had to be seen immediately. She told me to just come in and they’d fit me in somewhere. She explained I might have to wait and bear with them for a while, but eventually they called me in. And it wasn’t  a quick, in-and-out, I don’t have time for you, appointment. I was seen and listened to, Dr. Michel didn’t rush me, he treated me like an actual patient, who was in need of his care. He took me seriously, unlike my gyno who kept brushing me off.

And he gave me a good deal as well. He was aware that I had no insurance. After all I’m only 22, just finished my undergrad, getting ready to take my mcat, and am currently unemployed living with my brother. He helped knock the bill down, but at the same time he didn’t skimp on the examination. I got ultrasounds, physical exams, the works. He was very thorough!

He really cared! I don’t know how to stress that enough, he was genuinely interested in making sure that I got better! He listened to me and didn’t discredit my discomfort. That in particular was very important to me, because I had to harass my gyno for 3 weeks, literally crying to her, and she still didn’t take me seriously. I just started an new antibiotic regimen, and although I’m not better yet, I feel good knowing that even if this particular course of antibiotics doesn’t work I have a doctor who will work hard to figure it out and help me get back to normal.

-Cecily A.


Phenomenal professional, just loved his attention and friendliness.



I have been seeing Dr. Sanford for a few years. I had seen many urologists prior to seeing Dr. Sanford, and none of them could give me a definitive answer of what was causing my urologic issues.

A friend recommended Dr. Sanford and I am very glad she did! Dr. Sanford was nice and easy to talk to. He took the time to try to understand what was going on. One of my biggest complaints with other doctors is I felt like they were brushing me off and not listening to me when I told them how much pain I was in. I did not feel that way with Dr. Sanford at all. Dr. Sanford ran some tests and finally figured out what was going on. I am very glad to have found him and recommend him highly.

-Jessica L.


Dr Michel and his staff are truly wonderful.  We cant say enough good things about them and it was so great to have a doctor take his time and answer all of our questions no matter how long it took.  He takes the time to explain the next steps and is a very compassionate doctor.

-Kimberly H.


All the staff were wonderful! Thank you so much!



I noticed that everyone was alert, friendly, and concerned about my welfare.



2nd time at your facility and just keep doing what you do. Your staff is 1st class I feel I can trust my life to!!!!


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