Stress incontinence is a very common condition in women and also occurs in a smaller percentage of men. Approximately 1 in 3 women experiences this type of leakage. The “stress” refers to any activity that results in and increase in abdominal pressure, which in turn exerts a stress on the bladder. This activity can range from laughing or coughing to walking, jumping, or even going from sitting to standing. The muscles in the pelvic floor responsible for holding urine in the bladder are weakened or relaxed and are not able to compensate fro the increased pressure. There are multiple causes for this type of leakage including childbirth, smoking, obesity, age, prior hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy, family history, and in men, prior prostate surgery.

Stress Incontinence Los AngelesStress Incontinence in Los Angeles

Evaluation of this condition includes a detailed history and physical exam as well as bladder function evaluation (urodynamics). Radiologic imaging and cystoscopy are also employed depending of the patient’s history. Therapy for stress incontinence typically starts with non-invasive options with biofeedback, physical therapy and Kegel exercises.

Surgical options for therapy include placement of a support, or sling, underneath the urethra to recreate the support needed to keep urine in the bladder. This surgery is usually done in an outpatient setting with minimal blood loss and a relatively quick recovery. Injection of bulking agents into the urethra can also be used to recreate support. For men, placement of an artificial urinary sphincter is another option.

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