Los Angeles Urologists Feminine RejuvenationThroughout a woman’s life, childbirth, weight gain, and even hormone fluctuations can impact the muscles and surrounding tissue of the vagina. In fact, the majority of women will experience some degree of vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity, incontinence, and pelvic discomfort over time. Thanks to a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure called ThermiVa, women can safely and efficiently regain their feminine wellness and relieve a wide range of symptoms caused by urinary and gynecological conditions. ThermiVa utilizes the toning and tightening properties of radiofrequency heat therapy to achieve remarkable results without any need for downtime or discomfort.

There is no reason to suffer silently or undergo invasive surgical procedures for common painful or embarrassing vaginal issues. To learn more about the revolutionary ThermiVa procedure, please schedule a consultation with the urology specialists at the Institute for Incontinence and Vaginal Reconstruction in Los Angeles today by calling 310.307.3552 or filling out the online contact form.

Why Seek ThermiVa Treatments from a Board-Certified Urologist?

In order to obtain the full range of benefits of ThermiVa treatment, it is strongly advised that patients consult with a skilled urologist who not only understands patients’ cosmetic concerns but also their medical needs. When used to improve pelvic floor strength particularly in the event of vaginal prolapse or incontinence, a urologist has the extensive anatomic knowledge experience and insight necessary to treat the muscular structures of the pelvic area with ThermiVa treatment and achieve the best possible results.

In some cases, the skilled Los Angeles urology team at the Institute for Incontinence and Vaginal Reconstruction can provide the rejuvenating ThermiVa results a patient needs to avoid needing reconstruction surgery or bladder surgery.

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How Does Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Work?

Los Angeles Vaginal Urinary TreatmentThermiVa is an “S” shaped hand-held device that emits thermistor-regulated radiofrequency energy to safely and gently heat the muscles and skin of the vagina, causing the tissue to contract and become tighter. For years, radiofrequency energy has been used successfully in cosmetic facial treatments to address the signs of aging. The non-invasive ThermiVa wavelengths penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate collagen fiber production, nerve enhancement, and even increased development of blood vessels for healthy, firm tissue.

It is recommended that patients receive at least three ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatments over a period of three to four months for the best possible results. However, most patients experience significant improvement after just one ThermiVa treatment session.

Experience the Benefits of ThermiVa

ThermiVa is a fairly straightforward procedure, requiring only 30 to 45 minutes of application along the internal and external vaginal anatomy. However, the women’s health benefits for each patient can be extraordinary. As the skin and muscle tissue tightens, nerve function and blood supply improve in the vaginal canal and labia. As a result, women experience both cosmetic and medical vaginal rejuvenation benefits as well as incontinence treatment from ThermiVa, including:

Cosmetic Appearance – Sagging skin, such as the inner and outer labia, is significantly reduced, providing a more youthful appearance and allowing women to feel more comfortable in form-fitting clothing.

Tighter Vaginal Canal – ThermiVa not only tightens the vaginal canal but also improves nerve sensitivity, allowing women to experience improved sexual satisfaction. Many patients experience stronger vaginal contractions during sexual activity and can quickly achieve orgasms as a result.

Beverly Hills Urinary ThermiVa TreatmentReduced Dryness and Vaginal Atrophy – Radiofrequency energy improves blood circulation in the treated areas, promoting normal function, such as the natural lubrication in the vagina. ThermiVa allows women to regain healthy vaginal moisture without having to rely on hormone therapy. Internal and external vaginal moisture is vital for comfort and overall vaginal rejuvenation.

Reduced Urinary Leakage – Many women who have given birth (either vaginal or C-section) suffer from incontinence because the pelvic muscles may be stretched and weakened. ThermiVa can be used as a mild incontinence treatment by tightening and firming the muscles of the pelvic floor, reducing stress-related leaks and urge incontinence.

Non-Invasive Sessions – ThermiVa is a completely non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia or any recovery period. A new hand piece is used for every patient and the temperature can be adjusted to suit each patient’s comfort level. Patients can receive ThermiVa treatments as early as six weeks after giving birth and can safely and comfortably have sex immediate after their vaginal rejuvenation session.

Long-Lasting Results – With just a few ThermiVa sessions, which take no more than 30 to 45 minutes, patients can experience immediate vaginal rejuvenation that lasts between nine months to two years!

Learn more about ThermiVa treatments at Thermi.com.

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In a Nutshell: ThermiVa® Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • What is it? A non-surgical office-based device that uses radiofrequency technology to promote natural collagen production and tissue rejuvenation by application of gentle thermal energy for incontinence treatment
  • Benefits: Significant improvement in appearance of external female genitalia (even with one session), tighter vagina, improved lubrication, enhanced orgasms, better urinary control, better vaginal sensation, strengthened pelvic muscles
  • Details: 30-min sessions, only 3 treatment sessions in a series, results last 9-12 months, zero downtime, no pain or discomfort

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