Urinary tract infections are the most common bacterial infections in the United States. Although far less common, UTI may also be caused by yeast or viruses. Symptoms typically consist of frequency urge to urinate, discomfort with voiding, lower abdominal pressure, and occasionally visible blood in the urine. The bacteria E. coli is responsible for approximately 85% of urinary infections that occur outside the hospital setting.

In women, urinary infections can be associated with sexual activity, urinary incontinence, dehydration, or menopausal changes. Urinary infections can also be more common in women with other medical issues, such as diabetes and spinal cord injury. With simple infections, a physical exam, urine culture and antibiotic therapy are usually sufficient for treatment. When infections occur frequently, more attention is needed to help assure there are not other underlying problems.

Workup may include imaging, urine flow studies, cystoscopy, or specialized urinary cultures. Often times, preventative measures will be prescribed to help minimized the recurrence of infection such behavioral modification, as over the counter supplements, low dose preventative antibiotics, or vaginal estrogen cream.

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